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Ecology, art and reforestation

Updated: May 18, 2023

Action Déco reforests the planet, one reproduction at a time

I'm from the multi-career generation, the ones who follow their hearts, unlike my parents' generation where it was customary to work for a living, even if you didn't like it.

Because I love animals and the environment, I studied ecology at a time when there were so many job promises, but so few positions. Having to retrain while my degree was still wet, I turned to landscaping and composting. Small consolation for someone who dreamed of spending her days in the forest watching gorillas or otters.

One thing leading to another, I followed my heart and, in the course of my professional life, I passed through nutrition, sports, writing, arts, coaching, animation and translation. All of this being more and more distant from the environment, from my initial dream.

And yet, today, art is intimately linked to my ecological aspirations. Action Déco at least. Think about it: for each reproduction sold, 2 trees are planted. Our reproductions are made on demand which means we have a minimal impact on waste creation. No inventory, no storage, direct delivery from the printer to your home. Because the company is online, it does not require travel from the team.

Furthermore, I have chosen to put my personal profits towards the well-being of the planet. Since I already have everything I need - house, car, clothes, food - I might as well combine my profits with those of Action Déco to give back habitat to living beings more quickly and on a larger scale.

This brings me back to my dream of working in ecology. Indirectly or through Action Déco, this wonderful vehicle that brings beauty and joy to my heart every day. I will have taken a big detour, it is true, but for the better. I will not be satisfied with being the Jane Goodall version of Quebec, I will be the ordinary girl who will make an extraordinary difference by reforesting our beautiful planet.

Christiane who plants trees by selling reproductions 🌳🌳🌳

2 trees planted per reproduction sold

Contribute to reforestation by choosing your reproduction

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