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Decoration is not my thing

Octopus on a flower wall art, Guet-Apens by artist Anne Savard

And yet I sell wall art. Am I contradicting myself? Actually, no, not at all. I sell beauty, love and emotion. I sell original printing media: acrylic and white aluminum. I sell certified wall decoration, since each work is printed from 9 to 150 times.


I'm unable to define decor in precise professional terms. I can't tell if it's better to place a piece so many inches above one sofa, so many inches away from another. Even writing a paragraph on the subject is laborious for me.


What I do sell, however, is social engagement through my wall decorations. Whatever your reason for buying an Action Déco reproduction, you know that the artist behind the marvel receives a royalty and the planet gets 2 more trees. I can talk about that for hours, and I have a few blog posts on the subject.


I have the great advantage, with my business, of being able to make a difference on a large scale and exponentially, both for artists and the environment. I'm always keen to become a benchmark for wall art purchases, just as Amazon is a benchmark for online consumption. So imagine the positive spin-offs?

Yes, I do offer a free booklet with 5 decorating tips. They're tips that are similar to mine and that I use at home, because they're simple and different. You may want to brighten up your surroundings because you've just repainted a room or moved house. I can help you find the perfect wall art for you that will give the added value you're looking for.


However, I'm more inclined to believe that the wall decoration, the reproduction, that makes our hearts beat faster, finds its place in our living environment and adds an atmosphere that will perpetuate our love for the chosen room for a long time to come.


Online art sales sites exist to make money on the backs of artists. Action Déco exists to give strength to its social commitments while choosing its artists with heart and soul, to present you with reproductions of works of art made with love and humanity.


Speaking of wonderful, the work pictured is Guet-Apens by Anne Savard. For children's hearts like mine!


Christiane planting trees by selling reproductions 🌳🌳🌳

2 trees planted per reproduction sold 🥰

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