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Décor for rent

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Photography Vous êtes ici of Jean Vigneault

Have you ever thought of renting works of art, whether originals or reproductions? Yes, wall art can be rented! And that's what I'm now offering you through Action Déco.


I understand that it can be annoying to invest a good sum of money in a product that's unknown to us and whose only purchase option is on the web. While I have complete confidence in the beauty and quality of my acrylic and white aluminum reproductions, I can easily understand that it may be difficult for you to buy into the concept, perhaps not knowing exactly what it's all about.


Renting with an option to buy allows us to make sure in advance that we like the product and that the chosen work fits in well with our environment. Renting also lends itself well if you like to change your décor often, or if you have a house to sell and want to make the most of it...


And renting wall art isn't just for individuals! It's also great for offices, waiting rooms, building lobbies or office towers. Imagine your décor renewed every year, walls enhanced by different works and artists every time, while doing good for the environment and giving royalties to the creators.


Even for an event, a store window ... what else? What idea comes to mind? Please share it with me.


What's more, when you set the mood with rentals, you not only save money, you also avoid wasting resources upstream. You choose what you really want, you avoid accumulating in your attic what no longer suits you, and ends up one day or another in the recycling or landfill, depending on the situation.


Renting is an original way of perpetuating art in a different way. Works travel and change. It's great visibility for artists, whether you're a retailer, a professional or a private individual. It's also an opportunity to show your taste for art and beauty.


Curious about the work shown? It's Vous êtes ici by Jean Vigneault. Take the opportunity to admire his collection!


Christiane planting trees and selling reproductions 🌳🌳🌳

2 trees planted per reproduction sold 🥰

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