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All my big dreams come true

All my big dreams come true
All my big dreams come true

The ones that cross my mind, one day, the ones I don't pay particular attention or effort to.

I have always been attracted to Africa and its safaris, I found myself there as if by magic, on two occasions close together, opportunities that presented themselves and that I seized on the fly.

In the 80's, I admired aerobics teachers. I became a Pilates instructor at the request of a client from my athletic days in the 2000s. In turn, I was in the gym, in front of mirrors, making people move.

The house I live in, the one of my biped of love in fact, is a true copy of an image posted a long time ago on my Facebook, telling me that one day I would offer myself this type of home.

When the Internet came along, when the trend was mostly for online traders, I thought I would also like to earn a living from my home. Since I don't understand anything about numbers, Life offered me Action Déco on a silver platter.

In any case, I did not take any concrete action to get closer to these dreams, the opportunities simply presented themselves to me and I seized them.

My current big dream, very personal to me, is to reforest the planet. To be continued, I have many beautiful years ahead of me to seize the opportunity that will present itself.

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