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Action Deco's mission proudly reflected with 4 beautiful heads!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Action Deco's mission proudly reflected with 4 beautiful heads!
The mission of Action Déco

A corporate mission is like a fine wine. It matures over time, is refined and transformed as it evolves. It must be sexy and sellable, to make people understand who the company is, in a few words.

We were told that our first mission was too square, too masculine, not emotional enough, feminine. Ouch to hear, but it makes sense. After all, Action Déco was built on a field of love, motivation, common sense, a place to take in a market in need. What was clear in our heads was definitely not clear on paper.

What we thought we would write in two quick strokes of the keyboard, finally required 3 beautiful strong heads in writing and professionals of the artistic milieu and a few hours, to arrive at this result:

The Action Déco community introduces you to outstanding artists and their refined reproductions on unusual media. Your purchases allow the artists to receive royalties, thus contributing to the continuation of their creative path.

Sexy, isn't it?

For me, who normally works on impulse and spontaneity, I must admit that having to sit down, reflect, transform and modulate what has been done to bring it up to date, takes me out of my comfort zone.

Since I am well accompanied by my corporate better half and we have the unwavering support of our artists, I know that this work is well worth it.

So I occasionally get off my unicorn and dive into a rationality that I am taming. However, when I see beautiful results like this Mission 2.0, I am proud of this imposed learning.

After all, Action Déco is destined for success. Might as well put in the effort, right?

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