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A work of art on acrylic?

Reproduction of artwork on acrylic plexiglas

What a great idea! And why? Simply because this medium is young, innovative, different! This is an excellent option to distinguish your decoration from the mass, from your neighbor, from the superstores.

Acrylic, or Plexiglas if you prefer, became popular in spite of itself during the pandemic. You know those famous transparent plastic panels that cut us off from our interlocutors in stores and service centers?

Well, this surface is a perfect addition to any self-respecting decor. Printed with the artwork of your choice, according to our availability of course, you forget about this famous pandemic and you ensure a wow every time, from anyone who lays eyes on it.

Why choose acrylic instead of canvas? For several good reasons.

To stand out

Who doesn't have at least one canvas in their home? Whether it's an original, a reproduction or a copy, everyone has at least one canvas. Is this really what you want, to be like everyone else?

Better than glass

This material has all the beauty of glass, without the fragility or weight. The work is very lightly made, printed behind acrylic, which gives the impression of looking at a landscape through a window. This is your opportunity to choose the view you want, which will remain optimal under all conditions. Like glass, this support offers a reflection that can be interesting depending on its location in our home.

For writing

Acrylic allows you to write positive thoughts, words of love or any other message that feels good. There are erasable markers designed for this purpose and you can vary the colors and messages according to your inspiration of the moment. This is a great idea to give life and utility to your reproduction.

Does not fear humidity

Whether it's the humidity in the bathroom, your sauna, indoor pool, or even your garden, Plexiglas goes everywhere! There is nothing like it to decorate your outdoor space, especially since with the pandemic we have all become accustomed to enjoying our terraces and properties.

Easy to maintain

Just wipe it down and it's clean! Even the grease from the kitchen cannot harm this reproduction support because it is easily cleaned.

In short, there are only good things about daring to use acrylic. Not only do you choose the piece you like from our online inventory, you also have the opportunity to decide the size that fits your budget or space. Plus, you receive a certificate of authenticity assuring you that no more than 150 copies of your favorite will be printed.

Wonderful, isn't it?

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