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A truly personalized gift

Action Déco is a truly personalized gift

My idea of the perfect gift is when it comes from the heart, connected to a direct thought for the person who will receive it or for oneself. Personally I don't understand the obligation to celebrate according to fixed dates on the calendar, be it holidays for everyone or a birthday.

Why not celebrate the present moment every day and give spontaneous gifts when they come along? These gestures that come from the heart make me as happy to give as to receive. They are unexpected and to know that the other person had a thought for me, without being obliged to do so, is truly precious.

This is how I like to make or take the time to find a little something that will really please the other person. It's not about giving them what you think they need, in these days of easy consummation where everyone is working, you get what you need as you go along.

A truly personalized gift is chosen with as much love and care as you would buy a new car, for example, or a particular piece of clothing. You choose the model, the size, the color and many other details.

This is what we offer at Action Déco. Choice, variety, to your taste or according to what the lucky recipient might like. To offer a truly personalized gift is to choose a reproduction because the theme, the colors, the artist correspond to someone particular. It is to choose a unique product that is not found in superstores, that has a truly original character, as we all are in our own way. We are worth more than a large-scale consumer good available to all. Let our gifts reflect this.

An acrylic repro for your lover's desk and use it as a writing surface to offer him a love note that will change according to the weather, to surprise him. Or for a child's room with the child's name on it.

A reproduction representing a woman to support the feminine essence of a friend.

A muse on white aluminum to accompany us in our meditation sessions.

Not only do you choose the image that will please, you also define the medium on which it will be printed and its size. A little story is hidden behind each creation, which adds to the uniqueness of the product. And let's not forget the certificate of authenticity that will show the lucky recipient that you didn't just pick up the gift at random, on a trip to the superstore.

I could give you endless examples, because there are so many choices at Action Deco, but above all, there are good reasons to give someone a truly personalized gift.

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