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A repro more than a decoration

An Action Deco reproduction is much more than a simple decoration

A repro more than a decoration

Is your decoration mainly the result of low prices and easy acquisition of goods in superstores? Is it just pretty, trendy or does it have a special meaning for you?

Personally I am not the kind of person who follows trends. I like my decoration, my environment, to represent me, to be a reflection of who I am. Each object that surrounds me has a special meaning for me. A trinket that shows that someone has thought deeply about me by offering me something fair and focused. A batik brought back from a trip. A reproduction that brings me back to who I am as a coach and connects me to my long lost grandmother.

I'm talking about Caroline Durocher's Danse au soleil, which is very meaningful to me for three reasons.

Its dominant color is yellow, a hue that represents teaching. All my life I have taught others in different fields, including Pilates, nutritional rehabilitation, entrepreneurship for artists. This last field is the fertile ground that naturally led to the birth of Action Déco.

Grandmother. She was an elementary school teacher by vocation. Her two daughters followed in her footsteps and her hopes of seeing me take the same path were dashed. I hope that from up here she understands that I am a teacher in my own way.

Freedom. Notice the position of the woman in the photo. She is breathing in the moment with satisfaction, the clean air and the warmth of the sun. I see her happy and free of all worries. This is how I feel, day after day. In full gratitude for this life I have chosen for myself, in full appreciation for the paradise in which I live and work.

All these elements gathered in the same photograph bring together happy memories of my past childhood to this present that I cherish so much. Every decorative element that I acquire makes me feel particular emotions and memories. It's an open door to my life, an invitation to share with those around me. It gives rise to beautiful conversations that are true and deep.

This is one of the main focuses when we select our artists. Their work represents something for them and for you, tells stories, emotions.

Is your decoration as distinctive?

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