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A perpetual Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 6

Valentine's Day floral heart _ Amour Infini _ Diane Lacombe

Daily love

I have a very strong emotional bond with my company, and with the people I come into contact with as part of my expansion and daily activities. I'm in love with my unique business concept, with the bonds I have with the artists who put their trust in me, and with their works, each as meaningful as the next to me. I include all the professionals I work with, from near and far, who have nothing but nice things to say about my mission. They are touched by the fact that I give royalties to my artists and can talk to them about each one in particular. They applaud the 2 trees I plant with each reproduction sold, a sign of my love for our beautiful planet, a concrete action to cultivate our connection with nature. Every royalty paid to my artists is proof of my love for them as individuals and for their superb work. It's a perpetual Valentine's Day.

A strong demonstration of love

I'm talking about love today not in anticipation of Valentine's Day, but because I recently had a strong demonstration of it, when I once again met the team at the Fondation pour la Sauvegarde des Territoires de la Haute-Yamaska (SÉTHY), with whom I have a green alliance.

Although our relationship is mainly professional, Martine and Vincent always welcome me with open arms, warmth and friendship. Every member of the team contributes to this positive energy, creating an ecosystem of love and environmental commitment.

I talk about art, they talk about the environment, our two worlds now intimately linked by my mission.


An artistic family

Each artist I collaborate with becomes an integral part of this artistic family, a family that shares the same vision of art as an extension of love. Their trust in me is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Knowing that my royalties contribute to their well-being adds a significant dimension to our collaboration. Whether the artist is a beginner, a professional or a seasoned professional, I need to connect with his or her heart as much as with his or her work, whether painter or photographer. I need to know that every purchaser of a reproduction will have in their home as much the beauty of the soul of the creator of a work as the work itself.


Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day version

This is how I live with Action Déco every day, a daily Valentine's Day that transcends the simple commercial aspect. It's a celebration of people, learning and commitment to the preservation of our planet. Every moment is an opportunity to grow this artistic and ecological romance, a romance that translates not only into words, but also into planted trees, symbols of our shared love for art and nature, and into royalties to my artists.

As one of my friends so aptly put it, there's only beauty and goodness in every transaction!

Christiane who plants 2 trees per reproduction sold 🌳🌳🥰

Multiplying art and life


Vous êtes curieux de l'oeuvre montrée en image ? Il s'agit d'Amour infini by Diane Lacombe. Une beauté exquise lorsqu'imprimée sur aluminium blanc.

Amour infini de Diane Lacombre, reproduction sur alluminium blanc

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