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A limited edition, an investment

Reproductions in limited editions

I am sometimes told that our reproductions are magnificent, that they are desirable, but that the person does not have money. But that they would like to get the coveted print, but damn, the budget is not there.

And yet, this same person, spends for packages, subscriptions of all kinds that she does not even use. They buy trinkets on a whim, which sooner or later end up in the garbage, because they are useless or unwanted. She throws away food simply because it doesn't appeal to her anymore, she hasn't paid attention to the contents of her fridge and a lot of it is out of date. I could give many more examples.

Far be it from me to criticize anyone's consumption habits, on the contrary. Often our consumption in general is simply dictated by the habits of our time and we are not really aware of it.

How about a return to more responsible consumption, whether it be in goods, services or food? Responsible consumption is good for the planet because we avoid buying disposable goods too quickly or that we don't really need. This same responsible consumption eases our finances, allowing us to afford what really matters to us.

A limited edition print, as proposed by Action Déco, is to offer the work of an accessible artist and the intention he or she has put into a particular work. It is to give ambiance to your decor, chosen with your heart and soul for a very particular reason, according to your experience or emotion of the moment.

A limited edition reproduction is to assert its uniqueness since not everyone in the neighborhood will have the same product because it is not available for free sale on the shelves of superstores.

A limited edition reproduction is to choose oneself on a daily basis, while it reminds us why exactly we acquired it. To remind us of a significant passage in our life, in memory of a significant trip, to accompany our moments of meditation, for its vibrant colors bringing a continuous joy in our living space.

Having a limited edition print of Action Deco is all this and more. It also means royalties to the artist involved and a tree planted for each of your purchases.

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