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Patricia Jean-Cabot

Artist Painter
Figurative art, wildlife

Address :

13200 Arles- France


Patricia Jean-Cabot lives in the Camargue Regional Natural Park in France and works in her studio near her horses. As a painter on canvas and wood, she offers figurative, animal and landscape works. Her oil and acrylic paintings are a dialogue between the nature that surrounds her and what brings her joy.

Studies in Education and Plastic Arts, a half career in teaching, courses in "Traditional Painting Techniques" at the Avignon School of Art and then she dives into artistic creation full time. In constant research, she feeds on youthful influences: Monet's Water Lilies and Cézanne for his lyrical synthesis. She bases her explorations on Japanese philosophies: Kintsugi for resilience and Wabi Sabi for the unexpected beauty of nature.

Patricia Jean-Cabot likes to paint horses, birds, the sea, ponds...
Her works reflect the harmony with nature, the rediscovered simplicity, the serenity, the beauty of the time which passed. She has been exhibiting her paintings since 1997, regularly, in her region, in Paris and in Shanghai. Her works are in private collections in France, Europe and China.

The peaceful sobriety of her works, when you like them, has the particularity to influence in a positive and lasting way your existence.

Artistic approach

Patricia Jean-Cabot draws her inspiration from observation and her numerous researches. The themes she works on: horses, birds, nature, landscapes, are situated between the representation of things and pictorial abstraction. His technique associates realistic lines and whimsical touches of color.

Intense or soft colors are chosen and prepared by grinding natural pigments mixed with acrylic binder or oil. Many earth tones, ochres and subtle blues.

Preparatory sketches on paper are the basis of the work. A light wash with sienna, fixes on the canvas or the wood panel, the precision of the line and the balance of the masses. The colors are mounted in superimposed glazes, with games of reserve and transparency or on the contrary, they are spread with a spatula in vigorous paste. The abstract background, worked at the same time as the subject, allows the artist to concentrate on the essential to express poetry and sensitivity.

The purity of the expression, the truth of the moment, the elegance of what has no age, the simplicity of the gesture... seem essential... the painting is achieved and the emotion can spread like a breath of sweetness.

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