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Nadjejda Gilbert

Artist painter -
Figurative and semi-abstract art

Address :

Saint-Isidore en Beauce, Québec, Canada


Nadjejda Gilbert is a Quebec painter who lives in the Beauce region near Quebec City (Canada). She uses acrylic paint with paper collage on canvas to create figurative portraits bordering on the abstract.

Passionate about artistic creation for as long as she can remember, she completed her studies in Arts and Letters at Cégep and then moved on to Graphic Communications at university.

Although she has been working as a graphic designer for over 20 years, she has never totally given up painting and drawing. In 2016, she decided to devote more time to her passion for painting, without abandoning graphic design.

Since her artistic unveiling, she has taken part in several symposiums and exhibitions (gallery shows and art fairs) in Quebec, Ontario and the United States. She has won several competitions and honorary mentions (Prix coup de cœur du jury and Prix coup de cœur du public) during her exhibitions.

In 2020, she became a permanent artist at Galerie Perkins in Danville, Eastern Townships, Quebec. To this day, many of her paintings are still on display there.

Artistic approach

Nadjejda has chosen to work with portraits, because they are extraordinary vehicles for ideas and emotions. She particularly enjoys establishing a connection with the viewer through the eyes of her characters. Isn't it said that the eyes are the reflection of the soul?

In a figurative style with an abstract touch, she uses both acrylic paint and collage techniques to create her works. She constructs texts and chooses words on subjects that inspire her and integrates them into her painting.

Her background as a graphic designer has certainly influenced her choice to use text in her paintings. It's as if the integrated words reveal the characters. As the image builds with the paint and text collage, the subject takes shape and reveals its strength, sensitivity and vulnerability.

Her characters are often described as strong, but also gentle. In this way, a connection is established between the work and the viewer, reflecting back to him his own image, his own existence.

Among the artistic works that have inspired her are those of great masters such as Klimt, Magritte and Renoir. The romantic and imaginative world of Disney also strongly influenced her in her youth. Among her contemporaries, she particularly admires Marc Séguin, Meredith Marsone, Sandra Chevrier and Françoise Nielly, to name but a few.

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