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Melyna Leclerc

Artist Painter -
Abstract art

Address :

Québec, Canada 


The art world has always been very present in Mélyna Leclerc's life. A self-taught artist, she was born in 1988 in Quebec City. She studied fashion design, and then turned to fashion and artistic makeup. She made it her career for 11 years. In 2018, she changed her makeup brushes for painting ones. Since then, she has been working in abstract art and inviting people to travel to other worlds through her creations.

Since then, she has participated in several art events, group and solo exhibitions. In 2019, she was hired by Deserres to teach her technique to the public as well as to employees in the Quebec City area. She was then named "Deserres Expert" and wrote several articles on her technique as well as on the practice of reusing materials and being "eco-responsible" in the workshop. She participated in a community television show in March 2020 where she had the opportunity to present her art and her creative process.  

At the studio, she creates works inspired by her various collections (floral, aquatic, crystalline, nightscape, tree and cosmos) as well as custom commissions for her clients.

Artistic approach

Being very outgoing and colorful by nature, I have often looked for a way to express my personality. Art offered me this opportunity. Since then, nature and the cosmos are the food of my inspiration. They guide me to a universe where everything is possible.

I am a visual messenger. I interpret an emotion, a thought, a desire and express it freely in its purest expression. My paintings are colorful and bright for a reason. I want to take you to another universe.

My works are abstract, worked in a gestural and spontaneous way, inspired by the "Action Painting" movement. I use acrylic paint that is poured directly onto the work surface. Once the pouring is done, I like to work in the still wet paint with a spatula to create more movement, structure and to put forward the message the work has to convey. Once the paint is completely dry, I add depth with brushes, fine lines or gold or silver leaf. The finish of my work is shiny, glossy, which instantly draws the eye to the creation and allows us to get lost in it.

When people buy one of my paintings, they are buying much more than a piece of art. They are welcoming into their home a growing source of energy in its purest expression. I offer a moment of interpretation to the owners, because with their vision, they will be able to read the message that is addressed to them.

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