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Marie-Hélène Paradis

Artist painter

Address :

Montréal, Québec, Canada


Marie-Hélène Paradis is a self-taught artist renowned for her colorful abstract works. Born in Montreal, artistic creation has always been an integral part of her life, from her earliest childhood, when she made dollhouses and clothes for them. Her apprenticeship continued with courses in haute couture and hat-making, as well as workshops in collage, painting, printing, drawing and collagraphy, and paper-making.

She took part in several exhibitions, "De Montréal à Tombouctou" at the Librairie Monet in Montreal in June 2013 and "La coureuse des grèves" in St-Jean-Port-Joli in March 2013. In 2020, she was also part of an exhibition in partnership with Gallea at B.D.G. Strateys in Montreal and a few others in collaboration with other artists. In 2023, she also participated in the Salon des artistes du Marché Bonsecours and exhibited a few works in galleries in Old Montreal.

Although her work is recognized for its technicality, vivid colors and emotional power, it is above all passion that emanates from her creation. Marie-Hélène seeks to share her love of nature and her life experiences with people through her work.

Artistic approach

Marie-Hélène Paradis' artistic approach is inspired by the textures she finds in nature and everyday life. She strives to capture these in her abstract works by integrating recycled materials, everyday objects and handmade papers.

The use of these recycled materials, objects and papers are important elements in her creation. She wants her paintings to reflect the reality of today's world, a world in dire need of self-care, less excessive consumption and reuse of materials. She integrates different textures into her work, using structural mortar, handmade paper and embroidery, linen and cotton threads. The use of paper lends an even more personal touch to her work.

Her paintings are an encouragement to take care of the environment and use recycled materials. She wants her works to be a constant reminder of the potential of reuse and environmental responsibility.

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