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Louise Moreau

Floral Art

Address :

Gatineau, Québec


Louise Moreau is an artist from the Outaouais region, originally from Quebec City. She grew up on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, which has shaped her lifelong interest in the regions that border it and her vision of nature.

From an early age, she loved to create and play with colors. "Madeleine Arbour is THE person who had the greatest influence on my love for the arts because she made them accessible." Despite this, it took Louise a long time to recognize what drove her deeply. She followed several paths that took her away from her well-being before finally affirming what made her happy.

She studied art in Quebec City and then interior design in the Outaouais region. She also took several training courses with passionate artists, including Gordon Harrison, Victor Brideau, Danielle Paré, Jacky Macdonald and Lili Flore. In the meantime, she has shared her role as a mother with that of a designer and painter. Over the years, painting has become her passion and she never stops. Her inspiration is most often found in nature and gardens, including the one in Métis-sur-Mer.

In 2018, she decided to leave her studio and participate in exhibitions in the Outaouais and Ottawa. The confidence in her talent as an artist was then installed; there were group shows, virtual shows and even solo shows. Each time, it is a pleasure to meet other artists and to feel the energy that animates them, and especially, to explain her work and to hear the comments of the visitors who make it even more enjoyable and rewarding.

Soon to retire from her design career, she has many projects and challenges ahead of her that will continue to stimulate her creativity.

Artistic approach

Louise likes to use oil paint for its softness and the transparencies it allows to achieve. She likes to give the canvas time to reveal itself, as this sometimes brings out new forms, little jewels as the work progresses.

The artist has begun to tame the acrylic and discovered beautiful virtues, for example, the brightness of its colors. "Painting is like writing your biography." Each painting is like a page in his own book. The future will reveal the page that will be chosen and loved. Each canvas allows to print a moment, to live it, to seal it. Each canvas forces one to refocus and translate a feeling, an emotion through color and gesture. This abandonment of gesture liberates and leads to new paths.

Louise knows that time cannot be stopped, but when she paints, it stops there, at that precise moment. Her approach is to awaken wonder, harmony and emotion.
In fact, "to seek beauty in art is to see the beauty of life!"

''Elegant and sensual, I love my peonies. Their buds promise beauty that blooms in a great display of subtle hues, giving off a sweet fragrance that announces summer. I now enjoy my peonies year round and never tire of admiring them.
Thank you Louise Moreau for sharing your talents as an artistic observer.
Marie Trudeau

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