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Jean Vigneault

Artist photographer -
Abstract, semi-abstract art

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Saguenay (Qc)

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Born in Quebec City in 1969, Jean Vigneault is a self-taught photographic artist from the Saguenay region, where he has lived for the past ten years.

From an early age, he was attracted to both science and beauty in the arts. As a teenager, his fascination with astronomy led him to understand the different concepts of photography and optics by exploring the field of astrophotography. In the mid-2000s, it only took the advent of digital SLR cameras to spark his passion for photography. From then on, he has devoted himself to all styles, from macro photography of insects to studio photography.

The abstract style slowly stood out from the others to become his main means of artistic expression in 2012, the year in which he also founded the "Lumières Abstraites" community. Today, this group of enthusiasts of photographic abstractions has become a unique showcase for many visual artists.

Since 2015, Jean Vigneault has been offering conferences on abstract photography to raise awareness of this style and share his passion for it.

Artistic approach

For Jean Vigneault, the practice of abstract photography and related reflections are a way of life that seeks to reconcile the imaginary and rational sides of existence. Inspired by this apparent duality, he increasingly invests objects of curiosity through the prism of the three fundamental questions underlying his expression:

Is it possible to observe in a stripped-down, spontaneous way, and to detach from this activity all the labels that knowledge ordinarily assigns to things? Are humans always forced to perceive through what defines them as distinct individuals? Does beauty come from the object itself, or from the gaze that conceives it as such?

Looking at the most mundane, everyday things to bring out their unsuspected beauty - this is his artistic approach, a commitment that leads him to the art of living that consists in connecting as deeply as possible with the world around him. For him, photography is a privileged way of witnessing and provoking this communion.

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