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Charles Alexis

Artist Painter
Figurative, cubist and abstract art

Address :

Québec, Canada 


Born in 1982 in Saint-Hubert, Charles Alexis is an artist who paints with acrylic, on canvas and on wood.

It is while studying graphic design that he developed an interest in painting, drawing and collage. He took several courses that pushed him to be creative and experiment with materials and textures. His artistic influences are : Picasso, Bacon, Mirò and Tapies

Over the past 20 years, he has developed a unique painting style that is an assemblage of colors and textures. With his particular tape technique, he has fun creating images with a geometric and colorful style.

Artistic approach

Initially, his work was entirely abstract. He liked the idea of having no expectations of the final result. He integrated objects and explored textures. Gradually these textures became shapes and then characters.

Charles Alexis is mainly inspired by photos that he decomposes and reinterprets. Whether it is old black and white family photos or photos found in magazines or even on social networks. He likes to create images and give a new dimension to compositions. Many of his creations are commissions from individuals who want to give a second life to their memories.

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