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Annie Pelletier

Artist Painter - Figurative art, contemporary

Address :

Secteur Sillery, Québec


Annie Pelletier was born in Charny, on the south shore of Quebec City. Now living in Quebec City, Ms. Pelletier is an artist who gets a kick out of color. Nature, animals and the different "places of life" inspire her luminous and joyful works that she paints in oil.

The need to create has always animated the artist. In 1991, she completes a plastic arts program at Cégep for which she receives a scholarship of excellence. Nevertheless, she then branched out into the field of education. 

In 2012, after more than 20 years of intermittent artistic expression, she finally gave free rein to her thirst for color and form by giving it a specific place in her agenda. Life experiences were actually instrumental in picking up her brushes again. Painting was a need that she had to fulfill in order to be happy. 

Today, with a lot of determination, hard work and diligence, she manages to combine teaching and art. She has participated in more than forty exhibitions in Quebec and internationally.  She was also permanently represented by the Urbania Gallery in Old Quebec from 2017 to 2020.

In 2018, she presented a work at the Salon de la Société des Beaux-Arts de Paris at the Carrousel du Louvre. Her participation in this important event sparked the interest of the Société académique Arts-Sciences-Lettres of which she is now a member. In June 2019, this French institution awarded her a pewter medal for the quality of her work and her professional career.

Since 2016, she has also been a member of the Mondial Art Academia and was elevated to the rank of Officier Académicienne in 2020. In February 2021, she received an honorary mention at the 2020 International Art Professionals Award in the landscape category for her work "Rain of Light".

Her work has been described as adding color to life. Each one of them is a window on a shimmering world where an invigorating energy circulates.

Artistic approach

Annie Pelletier paints what she wishes to see around her: a world of action and contemplation, redefined by gaiety and the quest for harmony. Whatever the theme, peaceful place or vibrant city scene, flowers, animals or humans, each painting is a window that lets color in and pigments the everyday.

In an intuitive way, she first superimposes colors on her canvas to create her background. No convention frames her for this step of realization. On this abstract background, more or less intense and often luminous, she then represents a realistic scene that nevertheless integrates the carefree gestures and colors that preceded it. Then, she refines, specifies, reasons: the more traditional techniques of drawing and painting guide her. Oil is applied with brush and finger, superimposing colors, playing with transparency and contrast. Finally, it is by instinct that she partitions the forms as she pleases with an often sepia line, that she scratches the surfaces and that she adds lines and masses. She thus has fun redefining freely what she perceives, giving it a joyful connotation, a touch of naivety.

The quest for balance being omnipresent for her, she also paints to master time and force the clock to be silent.  Also, among the explored techniques, it is the oil which remains the medium that she privileges. The malleability that it offers her allows her to retouch her paintings a thousand times, always with this concern for balance and harmony.

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